How much does it cost to replace guttering?

How much does it cost to replace guttering?

If you look after your gutters by having them regularly cleaned and repaired when necessary, they should last between 20-25 years. That being said, if your gutters become too damaged and cannot be restored, then you need to act quickly and have them replaced, getting some new uPVC Gutters will ensure you’re protected from any issues for many years in the future.

Failure to replace faulty gutters can lead to damp and moisture rising through the bricks, floors, and walls of your home, resulting in significant and costly structural damage as well as mould growing on the exterior of the building.

Older period homes, in particular, are often fitted with older metal guttering that is prone to rust and corrosion, and this type of guttering should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent future water damage.

Signs your gutters need replacing

It can be difficult to determine whether your gutters simply need repairing or whether they need to be completely replaced. However, there are certain signs that you should look out for that indicate your gutters have reached the end of their shelf life.

These include:

  • Large cracks and/or splits
  • Peeling paint on coated gutters
  • Orange colouring or rust on galvanised steel gutters
  • Water damage surrounding your gutters
  • Sagging gutters

Cost of replacing guttering

Although you may be tempted to ignore signs that your guttering needs replacing, this is a false economy as the costs of repairing water damage to your home will be significantly more.

The average cost of replacing guttering in the UK ranges from £480-£720, depending on the type of guttering you choose, the type of property you live in, the condition of your fascias and how accessible your roof is.

UPVC gutter replacement, the most cost-effective option, starts from around £35 per metre whereas cast iron gutters will cost you around £57 per metre but can last a lifetime with minimal maintenance requirements.

Another popular option is aluminium guttering, which although a little more expensive than UPVC, is 23 times stronger and much less prone to leaking as it has no joints.

How to care for your gutters

Regular gutter maintenance is essential if you want to ensure that your gutters last and do not incur costly repairs.

Ways in which you can look after your gutters include:

  • Regularly checking for blockages. This especially important during the winter or times when there has been heavy rainfall.
  • Thoroughly cleaning your gutters twice a year. Any leaves, twigs or other debris need to be removed to prevent clogging and then you should rinse your gutters with water to ensure they are completely clean. Spring and autumn are the best times of year to carry out spring cleaning of your gutters.
  • Repairing any sagging or loose gutters. Replace any gutter spikes with gutter screws as they are stronger and provide more support for your gutters.
  • Sealing any leaks. If you notice any leaks, you should seal these immediately by applying a silicone caulk to the area.  
  • Checking the water runoff. Use splash blocks, a downspout extension or irrigation pipe to ensure that any water is diverted away from your home.

If you are unsure whether or not your gutter needs replacing, your best option is to find a local roofer who can come and evaluate your guttering and give you a quote for a replacement. Make sure you read online reviews before committing to a contractor and do not be afraid to ask for recent references.