Circular & Round windows

Circular & Round windows

Trendy, unique and, as some might have it, perhaps even a little bit nautical. Circular windows can be a really appealing feature in any home, but it’s all about how you place them.

Circular Windows

If you want to add more character to your home, you may wish to add some circular windows for some eye-catching appeal.

Whether you have a small home that needs some reviving or a large home that could benefit from some modern double glazed windows, here are some considerations for this particular window shape.

They work in exactly the same way as uPVC Windows except they’re just round 🙂


If you’re worried about circular windows being too bold to fit in, then think again. Round windows add simple elegance to any building.

After all, they have been around since the Roman times, with circular and Diocletian windows being echoed throughout the centuries afterwards.

The nice aspect of a singular, circular pane is that it will also give the illusion of space. It acts as a porthole into the outdoors, no matter which room it’s placed in.

If you’re worried about how it will look, try and do some mock-ups of the room with the new window drawn in. Once you can visualise the appearance, you can make plans for your interior design.

Kerb appeal

House with Circular Windows

Adding unique features will inevitably improve its overall kerb appeal. You add a selling-point of the home and give the potential new owners something to work their imagination around.

For example, adding a large circular window to a bedroom could provide stunning views of the countryside, or adding it to a bathroom could kick-start a unique nautical theme.

They are also a good way of adding light to hard-to-reach areas. For example, a stair-well or narrow hallway could benefit from small portholes to illuminate them during the daytime.

Having small, circular windows up and along a staircase could add stylistic flair, as well as a place to sit decorations and trinkets. 

Mirror circular rooms

If you are lucky enough to live in a clock-tower style building, then circular windows could be the ultimate design feature.

Adding circular windows to a curved wall will look far more visually intuitive than a rectangular one. It’s a stylish way of creating an aesthetic that somehow seems effortless but also incredibly well put-together. 

Thinking outside the box

Having a uniquely shaped window provides inspiration to start thinking outside the box. You could use circular windows as a unique way to add a skylight to a room.

Adding a porthole into the ceiling will add a flood of light into the room, or potentially a smaller spotlight of illumination during the day.

When it comes to adding a more unusual shape to your home, you immediately open up your mind to newer and more alternative possibilities. 

If you are thinking of adding circular windows to your home, then take a look at both old and new properties for inspiration.

While many contemporary properties add large circular windows for effect, there are more traditional properties that have them as an authentic, vintage feature that will truly add character to the building.