Three key points of wig maintenance

Many women who love beauty can’t make their hair damaged, but after having a wig with different hair styles, how do you want to change your hair style? However, the price of good quality wig maintenance is also very expensive. The wig will not have a beautiful feeling. Learning how to maintain a wig is also a matter of learning.

The maintenance of wigs is usually carried out mainly from the three aspects of washing, wearing and putting. Then let’s take a look at how to maintain the wig.

First, the secret of wig maintenance, washing wigs have flaws

The first step in maintaining a wig is to wash the wig. Washing wigs is warm water, first immersed in warm water for 3 minutes, soaking for too long is not advisable, and the water temperature should not be too high, too hot will damage the wig and reduce the life of the wig. When washing, you can take a small amount of shampoo and wash it by hand. High-quality wigs can also be used to maintain wigs, such as conditioners, after cleaning, because high-quality wigs are mostly woven with real hair.

The process of shampooing should be noted that the washing process can not be used too hard, can not be soaked for a long time, absolutely can not be put into the washing machine to clean, will cause the wig to be scattered. After using the wig for a long time, be sure to clean it, and do not keep a little hair care products.

The secret of wig maintenance

Second, the secret of wig maintenance, the correct wear wig

I have to say that many people always have a lot of problems when wearing wigs. Some wigs have an adjustable hair cover. When you wear it, you can adjust the hair cover so that you can adjust it to your own size. At the same time, don’t use brute force to pull the wig during the wearing process. When wearing a wig, you should also take care of the wig, do not expose to the sun or be soaked in acid rain.

wig maintenance
Portrait of a young woman pouring on hair lotion on her head

Third, the secret of wig maintenance, the correct storage of wigs

Randomly storing the wig will result in damage to the quality of the wig. Therefore, maintenance wigs should pay attention to the way of storage. After thoroughly cleaning the wig, let the wig dry and store in a dry and ventilated place.

which will extend the life of the wig.

If you don’t wear a wig for a long time, you should thoroughly clean it.

do not leave any chemical ingredients, and air it, because moisture can cause corrosion.

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