Temperament OL hairstyle sweet

An elegant and professional women’s hairstyle can not only enhance the attractiveness of the workplace, but also highlight the glamour of professional women. Today, the hairstyle street brings you two special professional women’s hairstyle, and it is so simple to add a good sense of the workplace!

Style 1

The long bangs of the forehead are hot rolled into a micro-volume.

setting off a pair of bright and beautiful eyes.

The curly hair tresses are more sweet and feminine, adding a sense of good workplace.

Tie the steps:

Step1: Leave some of the hair on the top of the head and tie the hair behind the head into a ponytail.

Step2: Remove the hair from the top of the head and wrap it around the ponytail and fix it with a hair clip.

Step3: Then wrap the ponytail into a flower head and fix it with a hair clip.

Step4: Finally, curling the long bangs with a curling iron is OK.
Style 2

The fluffy bangs are full and full of color, and the beautiful hair color adds sunshine to you. The texture is full and sweet and eye-catching.


Tie the steps:

Step1: Take the hair on the left and right sides along the bangs and twist them into two strands.

Step2: Fix the scorpion with a hair clip behind the brain.

Step3: Then use the curling iron to burn the bangs on the forehead.

Step4: Finally, pull the scorpion out of the fluffy feeling.

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