Popular egg roll head hairstyle

After the air bangs, the egg roll head may be the most influential hairstyle in the Korean drama. The fluffy hot roll shape adds a playful feeling, and it is also an effective solution for long hair in the middle of the squat. After the long hair is hot, it is lively and well-maintained. age.

Later, people found that the combination of short hair and egg roll head seems to be more suitable. The short hair in the shoulders and the hot and fluffy egg rolls are well managed, and the hair transition period is perfect.

egg roll head

The hair ends in the end, so that the short hair looks very soft, and the cloud-like perm effect makes people feel like touching.

The curling head is slightly larger, and the partial design increases the handsome, low-key and gorgeous.

Popular egg roll head hairstyle

Long curly hair + Qi Liu Hai + egg roll head, standard Mengmei standard egg roll head, cute and age-reducing.

The short-cut egg head with a distinct layering is light and temperament, suitable for girls from 20 to 30 years old.

The mid-length hair roll head, the fluffy design is small and thin, and the summer looks like it is full of energy!

Worried that the egg head is not suitable for you? Then try it with a straight clip and it’s easy to operate.

Do you think curly hair is too difficult? You can also braid your hair into a tight twist before going to bed, and the next morning you will have a good looking egg roll!

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