With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s attention to their appearance and appearance is naturally rising. Therefore, some domestic beauty techniques and makeup techniques have gradually become the […]

egg roll head

After the air bangs, the egg roll head may be the most influential hairstyle in the Korean drama. The fluffy hot roll shape adds a playful feeling, and it is […]

Wash the wig

Guide: The cleaning method of the wig is especially¬†Wash the wigs important for extending the service life of the wig, so use the correct method of use when cleaning the […]

wig maintenance

Many women who love beauty can’t make their hair damaged, but after having a wig with different hair styles, how do you want to change your hair style? However, the […]

Korean wig

Winter is coming, long hair is more popular in winter. Can you cut short hair in summer, how can you stay longer? Xiaobian recommends big scalp girl wig design, Korean […]


Each product has a different user group for the wigs, mainly divided into: high-end market, medium-to-high-end market and low-end market. Different user groups have great differences in the brand and […]

Curly hair

Curly hair with light-colored dyeing will make your whole person look softer and more cute and delicate like a doll. So, what are the light-colored hair curls? 7 light-colored curls […]

natural curly hair

The supermodel shares the same hairstyle, and the Korean natural curly hair is built in 4 steps. Kiko, the hottest supermodel, has always attracted people’s attention with its hearty character […]

hair style

The short-selling short-selling has been a popular trend in recent years, which can make the short-haired girl look more pure, and the short-term hairpin gives the student party a youthful […]