New trend of scalp care uk

If you still think that you can keep your hair in the best condition by going to the hair salon for care, then you really should wake up. Many hair salons are making the market for high-end hair care products smaller and worse. The root cause is not to nourish the beginning of the skin, when the scalp can not transmit nutrients, just relying on the care products can not absorb the hair to the nutrition, here are the answers you want about scalp care.

Q: Why do you want to do scalp care?

A: It is necessary to improve the pore blockage of the scalp and make the hair grow healthily.

The scalp is mainly used to thoroughly cleanse the scalp by using shampoo, conditioner and hair care essence. It is soft on the surface of the scalp, promotes hair growth and improves blood circulation. Because the scalp is hidden under the hair, it is often ignored when you can’t see it, but I don’t think that long-term careless cleaning will cause dirt to accumulate, the scalp pores are blocked, and the hair naturally grows unhealthy. And the scalp is often stronger than the oil secreted by the face, so the oil will clog the pores.



At this time, even if you add good nutrition to the hair, the hair can not be absorbed, but the person remains on the surface of the scalp, producing dandruff and head. Itching, hair loss and other troubles. This is what we call “the index is a cure, the scalp is the healthy growing soil for the hair.” The scalp aging also causes the skin to relax, the scalp affects two important factors: beauty and hair, so scalp care is very important.


New trend of scalp care uk

Scalp Care Product Recommendation: Haifei Silk Source Resurrection Scalp Purifying Conditioner

Recommended reason: Head & Shoulder’s Purifying Conditioner is rich in nourishing granules but refreshing and non-greasy. It is suitable for all kinds of hair. Mild properties can maintain the acidity and alkali balance of the hair and purify the scalp. It can penetrate deep into the scalp pores and nourish deeply, from the scalp. The circle establishes a natural protective barrier to help the scalp hair return to a healthy and hydrated state.

Q: Is the female scalp care the same as that of men?

A: Women are affected by hormones and produce different periods of demand.

Women will obviously feel that their hair is different from the past after they are 30 years old. That is due to the hormones. Reduced secretion of female hormones, coupled with weight loss, insomnia, perm hair dyeing, and life stress can make the scalp unhealthy. Therefore, many scalp care products for women are now available. Those care products that are full of healing effects are developed for such women.

New trend of scalp care uk

Q: What are the characteristics of shampoos and conditioners for scalp care?

A: Contains no silicone ingredients and promotes healthy scalp.

Generally, silicone hair care products are not recommended to touch the scalp, but usually do not contain silicone hair care products. We all recommend that the product stay on the scalp for a while and do a scalp massage. It mainly covers the concept of hair growth, starting from the roots, cleaning and soothing the scalp, thoroughly improving the microcirculation of the scalp, making the hair grow healthier and also repairing.

Q: Will excessive cleaning of the scalp dry the hair?

A: Moderation is the most important thing.

Just like facial cleansing, even for oily skin cleansing products, it will not be very violent to take away the skin moisture, but to maintain the skin’s water and oil balance. The same is true for products that clean the scalp. When removing dirt, it also adds moisture and nutrients to the scalp. However, because of the high pertinence, these products are not very popular in the market and the price is high. Consumers should choose smartly. Good scalp care products, not being fooled by BA. If you are not at ease, you can use scalp care products as a key product, such as once a week.

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