Korean short hair turned fashion girl uk

The era of long hair has passed, and short hair is the current fashion benchmark. If you are still long hair, you will be out. Whether it is a star or a fashionista, you have cut short hair. Have you been captured by the charm of short hair? Xiaomei recommends several popular Korean short hairs for everyone, cut a stylish Korean short hair, and transform into a fashionable girl.

More and more people have entered the “pit” of short hair. From then on, on the short hair way, the short hair seems to have a special magical power that makes people incomparable. The Korean short hair length of the shoulder can not only modify the face shape, but also the fashion trend. This Korean shoulder short hair perm is worth a try. The natural buckle buckle + sweet style Korean air bangs sweet and generous and elegant.

Who said that short haircuts are not easy to read, don’t try you don’t know how good you look at short haircuts~ The short shoulders on one side and the one side of the ones are fashionable and stylish, and the asymmetrical perm design trend is new. Zhang Yang, Liu Hai’s partial side ear will make your training style more perfect, the style is simple and full of gas, very suitable for workplace ol and fashion light mature women.

Worried about cutting Curly hair and showing a big face? Then try the super-slimming slimming inner wave wave head short hair ~ Qi chin short hair hair tail micro buckle inside age and sweet, with the inner volume of air bangs more beauty fashion, simple design, fresh M, natural and generous, Very suitable for girls who take the fresh and sweet route.


Korean short hair


Korean short hair turned fashion girl

The shorter the better, the shorter the fashion, the more and more girls are getting shorter and shorter. In 2018, the ultra-short hair is popular, and the short hair of the Qi-Qi cuts out the sharpness of the arc. The sorcerer Fan’s full-scale gas field is 1 meter 8. The bangs are half-faced and cover the face to add a little lazy mystery, which is both handsome and new. The sister is also awkward.

The first popular keyword for this year’s hair style is “air sensation”. What kind of spark will the short hair and air feel combine?

The air-like fluffy design of the short hair perm is really beautiful.

the hairy fluffy and full-bodied design is super-faceted.

with the air bangs ageing elegant and temperament doubled.

The short hair with the length of the face is simply an artifact that hides the flesh. The short hair of this length is just wrapped around the cheek flesh. The slimming effect of the meat is self-evident. It is very friendly for the big face. A lot of extra points, the hair is naturally out of the curling volume is simply beautiful, and your heart is moving?

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