Korean romantic hairstyle uk sale

Dangdang, Dangdang, Jingle Bells ~~~ Christmas is coming, and the atmosphere of Christmas is everywhere. Presumably, many MMs have an appointment on Christmas Eve? Christmas costumes are probably ready long ago? Has the Christmas hairstyle been considered in advance? A perfect dress can not be less than the decoration of the hairstyle. Look at the Korean romantic hairstyle and matching, find the feeling, be the most beautiful princess in Christmas.

1. Long hair pink princess

If you don’t want to change the long black hair and want to have a beautiful shape, try the fleece beret. The fluffy beret that is popular this winter is sweet and lovely, the white hat and the whole body of the pink dress are seamless, like the fairy tale. The little princess is as beautiful.

Korean romantic hairstyle

2. Lady’s curly hair + wool cap

The top of the big bat sleeves is full of light and mature women’s leisure feeling, the low-key dark brown curly hair is very flavorful, the hair on both sides is gently piled on the shoulders, and the feminine atmosphere slowly spreads out. Wearing a wool hat with the same color is very good overall.

3. Girl’s ski cap + long hair

Light brown beautiful long hair, with a combination of reel comb + hair dryer can have a soft natural curvature. Put on a classic snowflake ski hat to show off the sweet and lovely atmosphere of the girl.

4. Cool big woman in the middle

Some people love the sweet hair style, and naturally there are people who prefer the European style of the big woman. This deluxe mid-point curl with large sunglasses is full of star flavor, plus the luxurious big size fur collar is even more powerful.

5. Punk style top hat

The top hat is a sweet punk style, and the simple hairstyle is also brilliant. This year’s woolen lap style is very popular. A long gown with a bib is already very Korean romantic hairstyle and has a small face effect.

Korean romantic hairstyle uk sale

6. Pink brown curly hair + red earmuffs

Pink brown s curly hair is very cute, full of girlish temperament, pink and pink color is also younger mm can be more control. Wearing a red earmuff filled with Christmas atmosphere, you will know that it is a special Christmas style when you look at it. Who says you must wear a Christmas hat?


7. Cute ball head

Usually I like the MM Christmas of the ball head can continue to comb! After all, the ball head is very cute, isn’t it? It is also a good choice to wear a different earring to create a festive atmosphere.

8. Gray wool cap + big curly hair

In fact, Xiao Bian feels that the texture of this mm curl is quite like a wig. The short hair mm can buy a long roll wig to play, absolutely change the shape immediately, wear a wig and wear a wool cap, it is difficult to recognize that it is a wig~ !

9. Reddish brown double horsetail

It’s a bit like a red-brown double ponytail in a fairy tale. The thick bangs are fluffy and lovely. Wearing a gray beret and wearing a cloak, it is a witch in a fairy tale. Is it going to a masquerade tonight?

10. wool capĀ  curly hair

It is also a long curly hair + wool cap matching, the whole body is dominated by light colors, and the gentle and lovely style has always been very heterosexual. If you want to have a beautiful look, you can try it!

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