How do long hair styles create a hundred deformations

Many girls like to have long hair, long hairstyles fluttering from the scene, but if it is only black straight long hair and it seems monotonous, have you ever thought about long hairstyles can also make your image change? Then let Song Song teach you to use the long hair style to create a hundred deformations, there will be a new image that makes you and others shine.

Long hair style one:

Qi Liuhai plays the role of modifying the face shape, while the tail of the broken cut is simple and fashionable.

Long hair style two:

Qi Mei Liu Hai highlights the small face, and the stylish linen dyeing can highlight the white skin.

Long hairstyle three:

This wavy curly hair, long hairstyles naturally hangs on both sides of the shoulder, giving a sense of femininity.

How do long hair styles create a hundred deformations

Long hairstyle four:

The thin bangs play a very good role in dressing, while the fluffy long hairstyle is fashionable and energetic.

Long hair style five:

The slanting bangs play a role in refining the face, while the fluffy blond hair looks elegant.

Long hair style six:

The metallic dyeing makes the hair look very supple, while the thin bangs cover the forehead and put on a pair of sunglasses, which makes it look cute.

long hair

Long hairstyle seven:

The brown fluffy hair and oblique bangs all play the role of modifying the face shape, while making a small braid on the side, it looks stylish.

Long hairstyle eight:

This long straight hair style, the hair looks very soft, the bangs part of the highlights of the wine red, with a yellow hair, very simple but not lost personality.

Long hairstyle nine:

The stylish golden hairline, with pear blossoms, looks stylish and youthful.

Long hairstyle ten:

Qimei Liuhai is divided, the slight curvature looks naughty and cute.

the ponytail looks fresh and beautiful, and the highlight of the wine red color, without losing the sense of fashion.

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