Foreign users on foreign trade wigs

Each product has a different user group for the wigs, mainly divided into: high-end market, medium-to-high-end market and low-end market. Different user groups have great differences in the brand and quality requirements of wigs. So what is the difference? How should foreign trade B2C sellers deal with them?

The high-end market demand in the United States accounts for 20% of the total market demand in the United States. It has a great influence. What are the requirements for users with high-end market demand for foreign trade wigs?

1. Whites are particularly strict with wigs. The requirements for wearing are particularly demanding, and the preparation is very fine. At present, the long-range large wave shape is still popular in the US market. The demand for black wigs is more large, small, and medium-sized.


2, high-end clockwork market, the Remy series, the requirements are more stringent. Generally, white Americans and black and Jewish rich groups have a greater demand for Remy. Among them, Jews are very jealous of Chinese hair, and they usually use pure Indian hair. When doing these high-end products, you should ask the customer about the service abroad. In this way, customers can be better served in material selection and production.

Foreign users on foreign trade wigs

The mid-to-high-end wig users are the most intensive in composition. The ratio of the average person-made products is from 3 to 5, and the price varies from high to low. When domestic manufacturers produce such products, the product price is also the most troublesome. Because consumers in foreign markets are more likely to recognize this piece, the demand is relatively large. Therefore, foreign trade B2C sellers should review the situation and consider the cost leadership strategy to win by volume.

The wig products in the low-end market mainly include: wool products, wool and chemical fiber products, hair and human hair products, chemical fiber and human hair products, and low-end human hair products. Demand also accounts for about 20% of the market, and the chemical fiber market accounts for 30-40%. This piece of domestic manufacturers need to pay attention. Domestic manufacturers must keep up with this product development. Secondly, the quality disputes of low-end products are large, the goods and samples should be consistent, and the product consistency should be maintained.

The prospect of wig foreign trade B2C market is good. Of course, with the development of foreign trade B2C, the construction of independent wig foreign trade website and the construction of foreign trade wig mall, market competition is inevitable. Seizing the market and demand is the key to success.

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