4 secrets to wear a wig fake uk

I don’t want to have a haircut that doesn’t change, and I don’t want to cut hair. This time, the wig will become the best helper for your changing shape. But do you know about the four secrets of wear a wig?

1. A little more pruning is more beautiful

When you wear the wig, there is actually a job that can help you beautifully. Each person’s face and style are different. You can trim the wig according to your face style. Further trimming will make the wig fit more with yourself and create your own wig.

4 secrets to wear a wig fake uk

2. Careful machine before wear a wig

Although the role of wigs to modify the face is very powerful, you can make a fuss when you make up your hair. The face is rounder, and the hair can be concentrated in the middle of the top of the head. When the face is long, it is symmetrically fixed on both sides, so that after wearing the wig, there will be an unexpected modification effect.

3. Hair accessories + wear a wig are more beautiful

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