October 2018

Korean short hair

Wig hairstyle for face length,In this age of looking at the face, especially for women, a delicate face will get more people’s attention, and the real thing is always cruel. […]

fluffy perm

Korean face short hair perm fluffy perm thin face For the girls with big faces, a beautifully designed Korean short hair perm is a good face-lifting hair design, today is […]

Nine fashion wigs recommended

Amy’s sisters must love tossing their hair, but the length of the fashion wigs is fixed, how can we do it? At this time, you need a fashion wig. Today’s […]

curly hair

What is the latest fashion in Korea? Angel valgus bangs curly hair demonstration, simple and natural, not artificial hair style, recommended, models have a different sense of romance, see which […]

Cosplay wigs

If you like Cosplay, you must have a variety of Cosplay wigs, but do you know how to fix the wig? If you don’t know, just wait for the Cosplayplay […]